Island Air Ambulance

Island Air provides FAA Part 135 aviation services for Island Air Ambulance, a unique, community-based fixed wing air ambulance program serving the San Juan Islands. This life-saving program features a number of aviation innovations including IFR capability, specialized aeromedical interior, aircraft satellite tracking, radio over internet communications, the use of electronic flight bag, and a robust Safety Management System. Medical crews include experienced Flight Nurses and Flight Paramedics.

Island Air highly recommends joining the Island Air Ambulance Membership Program available to all residents, both full and part-time.  Membership program benefits include no-out-of-pocket costs for medically necessary fixed wing flights provided by Island Air Ambulance.  Memberships are even available for summer visitors.   To sign up online go to  

Island Air Ambulance is a CAMTS Accredited Air Ambulance Service

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